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Overview of the End of Life Choice Act 2019

The End of Live Choice Act 2019 came into effect in November 2021 (“the Act”). It establishes the framework for the process, the eligibility and safeguards for the service of assisted dying in New Zealand and is one of the most significant health issues to be enacted in New Zealand in recent decades. It is overseen by the Ministry of Health Manatu Hauroa. The Act is based upon several core principles. Section 5 of the Act sets out the essential criteria to be eligible to receive assisted dyi...

July 8, 2022

Commercial contracts and climate change: Time to think differently

There are many ways to get involved in fighting climate change, but it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start, as climate issues can touch every aspect of our lives. For evolving businesses and individuals, the variety of options available are expanding. The legal framework for fighting climate change started with the 2015 Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty. The goal was to limit global warming to well below two degrees compared to pre-industrial levels. To date, 1...

May 13, 2022

Acquisition of Brian Nabbs Law

It is with a great deal of pride touched with much sadness that I can announce that I have acquired the legal practice of Brian Nabbs.  Sadly, Brian has had to retire as a result of ill health.  I am also delighted to advise Brian’s three staff members Keri, Toni and Maddi have joined the Vosper Law team.  This will mean that his client’s will have the same familiar faces to work with as we transition to the new arrangements.  I have made a firm commitment to Brian that ...

January 16, 2020

Brexit, Political Power and the Role of the Courts

On Thursday 23 June 2016 the Brexit polls closed and marked the beginning of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (EU). Brexit has triggered a series of financial, cultural and political waves which will affect the UK and Europe for a long time to come. However, from a legal perspective, it has also given rise to a silent standoff between two branches of the UK government. Summary Although Brexit was a political movement, after the referendum closed the movement became reliant on la...

June 29, 2017

New lease Laws

It does not matter whether you are the Tenant or the Landlord it is important that you receive advice about the lease so that you know your rights and responsibilities under the lease. If you are a Landlord we can draft a lease for your property or if you are looking to enter into a lease we can provide advice on leases presented to you as Tenant by your Landlord. We can help you in your lease processes, simply click here to find out more about how we can help, or get directly in touch with us h...

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